Quick overview

Thoughts and things to do:

  1. Text : Text/messaging can change as per your preference – I just grabbed what I could from the current site and loaded where it seemed appropriate – please advise changes and/or moves.
  2. Classic Palm Cove photo (courtesy of one of the hotels websites!) is a nice fallback but we could go for something more related to your services – multiple picture can be used.
  3. ‘Call’ button will be effective on mobiles, but not so much on tablets/desktops – will see if I can have it autoreplace for a contact us button on larger screens.
  4. TripAdvisor logo is overly busy/too small – I’ll try and find another version, or increase the size of all of these logos as they’re important links.
  5. ‘live a fuller life’ is effectively ‘about us’ with all the info. The spacing around the headings is a bit odd – will look at that. Need a photo for the rhs of this section. Will try and pull the musculoskeletal pic from your current site – it’s pretty buried in the Flash but will try and dig it out… or something else?
  6. ‘Our Services’ title can change eg. ‘What we offer’, ‘Our treatments’
  7. Have grouped your offerings into categories – let me know if the categorisation is correct or if you just think it’s just a bad idea.
  8. Our team – maybe too many headshots required for everyone to be in here. Could remove headshots altogether or just have you (how would the others feel?), or just replace the entire section with text only.
  9. ‘Happy customers’ – in there just now to show it’s available, but can be removed. People seem to have mixed views on Testimonials – they’re a bit cheesy. Maybe focus on the socials for that sort of feedback? or as you say, pick and choose some real feedback and load it in here (with links back to the statement on FB/Twitter/TA).
  10. The black ‘ribbon’ section with button could come out – or we could load a contact form here?
  11. ‘Latest News’ is only useful if it’s updated from time to time, otherwise we pull it out.
  12. We need to get a it more focus on HICAPS and health insurance in there. Can we load a few insurers logos, or does that require a direct relationship? Not sure – but would help sell the message that people can use their cover.
  13. Maybe also some more focus on pain, injury, relaxation. All the things people want to avoid when on holiday (appreciate you don’t just cater to the holiday market of course…)
  14. No ‘Useful links’ section presently – is this important to you? I can happily add – but wondered if it was just there as filler… (it was a ‘thing’ on the web years ago but not so much now).
  15. Anything else…?